Saturday, January 12, 2013

Antique Rose Crochet Hat

Last week I was telling you all about the numerous crochet hats and legging that I've been making here lately. I wanted to share some images of my designs, but my portable little blue Nikon has been taking kinda iffy pictures (might be operator error) so I haven't had a lot to show.  Thanks to a my beautiful model and customer Kacey, I've got a really nice shot of my new wildflower hat in a chic black and pink color combination that Kacey requested.

DSCN3451 copy
 I've made this design in a few color combinations for little girls, but this is my first one in a ladies sized hat. The goal was to keep it whimsical while making it romantic and chic. I wish that you could see the shades of pink and mauve in the flowers a bit better, but black hats are notoriously hard to photograph well.  The colors are much nicer in person.

DSCN3433 copy

I think that the color combination and the scale of the wildflowers brings it all together. Of course, the best accessory that a nice hat can have is a beautiful woman to wear it :)


I know that the wildflower I'm using has probably been done before, but if anyone wants to make this simple four petal crochet wildflower, I've included some instructions below. I don't really write patterns for other people so I hope this is understandable.

Four Petal Wildflower
Hook: K
Yarn: Worsted weight Vanna's choice

1. ch 4, slst in 1st ch to form a ring
2. in ring, ch3, 2dc, ch2, slst; *ch 2, 2dc, ch 2, slst* 3 times weave ends around ring and cinch it up slightly.

Green accents
Take a length of green yarn and loop it in each petal spaces twice. Weave ends at the back leaving a long tail to use as the leaf. Using the tail and an F hook, ch 9; pull end through the last ch and then weave excess yarn up and down back through the chain towards the flower. Secure the ends under the flower.

My flowers end up just under 2 inch in diameter.


  1. Your hat is lovely Karen, those flowers are so cute I might have to have a go at them!

  2. I found you at Lilly's. You do wonderful work on your hats. I'm so jealous. And I love these little flowers. So smart - not like the frumpy flowers like the Blossom flowers from the 80's. I'm a follower now.


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