Friday, November 22, 2013

Crochet Shawl

It's crunch time again people.  The time of year where we are all frantically trying to finish all the Christmas or Hanukkah gifts that we've been working on over the last few months in order to get them shipped in time for the holidays.

I spent all last night finishing this crochet shawl for my cousin's wife.  Hanukkah is early this year, and I'm furiously trying to get everything together for my cousin's gift box so that it gets there sometime during the eight days of Hanukkah. Thankfully, I still have time to finish gifts for the Christmas celebrating side of my family or I'd be in real trouble!


I've made this same shawl before and I love the pattern.  It's super simple and works up in a few days if you work on it a few hours a day.  You can get the pattern here from ravelry.  The original instructions are in French, but a kind soul translated them into English too.

The coolest part of this project for me was getting to finally use the 11 balls of Bollicine Lampedusa yarn that my mom found on super clearance a few years ago.  I hated that yarn.  The color was a yellowed grey and since it is a wool, alpaca, acrylic blend it looks like it had dog fur in it.  I named it the dirty dog blanket yarn, and I've been avoiding it in my stash forever until a few days ago.


When I was looking in my stash for a yarn to use in this shawl, those 11 balls of yarn started staring at me in a very accusing way.  They had the "why not use us" look on their little labels, and I realized that the only thing putting me off this great quality yarn was the color.  So, I decided to make the whole shawl and then dye it with Rit dye in teal.  I was worried about dying it, but I was really careful not to overwork the yarn in the dye bath (I didn't want any felting to occur), and it turned out much better than I imagined.


The color is actually much nicer in person than it looks in these photos.  I had just enough yarn to finish the shawl, and make this flower pin so my cousin can keep her shawl in place.


I just made up a big rolled flower and hot glued a piece of felt on the back to stabilize the large pin.


I think the pin is a nice finishing touch, and it looks great on my beautiful model :)  



  1. What a beautiful shawl!! That yarn looks amazing and the brooch is a nice added gift. Such a great idea to dye it. Your little model is adorable!

  2. I am sure your cousin will be thrilled with her shawl, the dying really worked a treat!

  3. Her cousin's wife is thrilled with the shawl.

    She wore it to a late adult Chanukkah Party at their Synagogue, and got a lot of compliments.

    Karen is the most amazing cousin. We're not the best gift-givers, pretty terrible actually.

    So bad that my sister used to think it was intentional - after like 2 skipped birthdays, and three Christmases, I'd get her something really nice and thoughtful. She'd be so confused. I explained that I can be thoughtful and nice, but not quite as often as others. There isn't a good excuse, but we're just bad at gifts a lot of the time. Karen is the opposite - she's amazing, thoughtful and loving.

    Just in case anyone believes the stereotypes about Jews being bad gift givers, we've only been Jewish for a couple years, and we're less flaky and nicer for it.

    Here are the photos. (Karen, feel free to share, post, etc.)


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