Thursday, March 13, 2014

Birthday Girl Apron

I know that all moms say that they can't believe how fast their kids are growing up, but it seems that every child's birthday sneaks up on me and catches me off guard.  My youngest just turned four this week and I barely got her present done in time.  Thanks to a husband who stood guard outside of my sewing area, I finished my daughters birthday apron just in time for her party.


I love aprons.  They are great practical gifts, and it was high time my littlest helper got her own for when she helps me with the dishes and when she cooks in her play kitchen.


This is a reversible pinafore apron with a crisscross  back.  I like these for little kids because they can get them on and off without anyone having to untie them.  Sorry, I didn't use a pattern for this apron, but here is a free pattern by Japanese sewing books that is similar.  You could use to get the same style.


I love the retro coffee pots and tea kettles fabric (by blank textiles) on this side of the apron.  I added some useful pockets and decked them out with some scrap binding and bows.


The reverse side was made from a butterfly fabric that's been in my stash for awhile now, and I scrounged up just enough apple fabric to make two pockets on this side too. I was happy with how quick this came together and my daughter is thrilled to have an apron "like Mommy's" when she helps out.


Since I had everything out already, I went ahead and made a second apron for my niece.  I used the same brown butterfly fabric for the reverse, but did a full pocket on the front with some appliqued birds.  Since I'm trying to do at least one future Christmas gift or project every month this year as part of the Ho Ho Ho and on we sew link-up party (see my links to the right --->, I'm going to stash this away until Christmas.  I might add a child sized oven mitt to her gift too.


  1. Really cute aprons Karen. Love the applique birds too.

  2. That apron is adorable! The fabrics are too cute!

  3. You've done a fantastic job, that apron is super duper! I also adore your cute model and lovely photos.

  4. Oh those are just adorable - I have aprons on my Christmas To Do list for 3 year old BFFs - these would be perfect! Thank you for the link to the pattern for a similar apron - I'll check it out :)


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