Thursday, July 17, 2014

There are Superheros Amongst Us

Because I have been super busy with school this summer (it's my Senior Year of College), my kids are doing a lot of solo play.  It's great to see them all at an age where they can just have fun together without Mommy having to come in and direct things all the time.  Lately, they've been really into playing super hero games with each other, but the blanket capes were constantly needing to be tied and retied.  This was making my little super heroes a tad cranky, and Mommy said "no" when they asked me to pin the blankets around their little necks (I suspected that that might end badly).  So, we dug through my stash and made a trip to the fabric store in order to find the perfect super hero cape fabrics!

IMG_5348 copy

Each cape and mask is double sided with an appliqued initial on one side.  I used a modified version of Sherri's cape tutorial, from her thread riding hood blog, for the capes.  I modified the shape and length a bit according to my kids' sizes and I added some light weight stabilizer around the collars to make them a bit more stable.


I used some satin fabric from my stash for my daughter's pink puppy cape and adding the stabilizer really made a big difference in how it was laying.  It's going to be a while before I'm convinced to use any kind of silky fabric again, that stuff is slippery!


For the masks, I used Dabbles and Babble's superhero mask templates.  By adding a seam allowance I made them double sided by flipping them inside out.  I also used a bit of stabilizer between the layers to help the mask keep it's shape and I really suggest that you don't cut out the eyes until after you satin stitch around the eye holes.


This was a great little summer project and my kids insist on wearing their capes everywhere.  I think that I'm going to have to make a few for the nieces and nephews for Christmas too.

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