Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Superhero room

Hello to all my blogging friends out there.  Let me first say that I have really missed you all over the last couple months!  Life's been a roller coaster since moving to Texas and blogging just got pushed to the sidelines for awhile.  Life is still going full speed for me, but I've decided that waiting for it to calm down before I start blogging again is just not realistic or practical.  There rarely is a perfect time to start anything; you've mostly just gotta jump in and do your best. So, here I am, jumping back in!

IMG_8295 copy

My blogaversary was 3 years this January!  So let's celebrate with cupcakes and superheros!  


My youngest boy, who looks a smidge grouchy in this photo, wanted a superhero themed room.  So, armed with a few rolls of tape and a paint brush, I decided to give him a superhero city!

I wish I had some pictures to show you the work in progress, but I forgot to take them, and really it just involved taping of the edges of buildings until I liked the look of what I was making.  I didn't draw them out beforehand but just let the city develop as I was working around the room.  Then I went back in and added windows with tape as well.


My little guy chose all the heroes that he wanted included in his room.  First, we have Superman flying over the city.


Then Batman climbing the wall . . .


and Spiderman swinging from the water tower.


Ironman was a must since my son thinks that he is one of the coolest superheros on the planet.  I did draw the superheros out before painting them.  You can still see my pencil marks on some of them, but I'm not stressing about it since it actually helps define the edges of the heroes on these textured walls.


I like Ironman too, but my favorite part of the the mural is this bridge spanning the closet.  It was fun to think out and paint.


The last superhero is actually a transformer, but hey, Optimus Prime is a hero too!


I really enjoyed making this mural for my son and hope to add a few more projects to his room before it is completely done.  He still needs some lamps, pillows, and maybe even a quilt this year.  Plus, I'm still working on projects for the other kid's rooms too that I will be sharing in the future as well.


  1. THAT is awesome!!! Excellent job! Happy Blogaversary, and welcome back :-)

  2. What a fabulous job you did Karen, your son must be thrilled with his new room!


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