Wednesday, January 11, 2012

QOV #3 progress

I am definitely making some progress on my patriotic drunkards path quilt.  I pieced my blocks into four square units to make it simpler to arrange them in a pleasing way on my "design wall". Since I live in a fairly small apartment with my husband and three kids here in Germany, I really don't have a dedicated space where I can arrange quilt blocks.  In the past, I would wait for the kids to go to sleep, move the dining table, mop the floor, and stand on a chair to get a view from above of my quilt arrangement.  This has gotten a bit old so I thought that I would try to hang a temporary design wall on my closet with hangers and fleece.  It was a complete fail.  Getting them up wasn't too hard, but any rearranging made ten blocks fall off.  Taking this photo with the blocks on the fleece was a miracle.  In the end, this did work, but it wasn't a time saver.  I like the idea of getting the quilt blocks up on a design wall, but I need something more stable and also compact so that I can store it while it's not in use.


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  1. This is very striking - great job! What about covering cardboard or something to that effect with quilt batting? You could spray the cardboard with spray adhesive to sick the batting to it and lean it again a wall or closet and then when it's time to store it, side it under the bed . . .


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