Saturday, May 11, 2013

Apron Exchange

This month I've been busy on lots of projects, but one of the most pleasurable has been researching, planning, and sharing ideas for the crafty cooks apron exchange that I've been participating in.  I've been stalking my secret partner and have come up with an Asian inspired apron for her.


I really hope that she likes it.  It has a nice wide waistband and ties around the front.  Do you recognize the fabric on the pocket side :) ?  This was one of my recent purchases from the Im Patchworkhimmel shop that I found here in Germany.  You can read more about my German Fabric trip here

The three pockets should hold anything that my partner wants to stow away while she's cooking or working.


My partner is also a quilter and loves the little details, so I appliqued a cherry blossom branch on the corduroy side of the apron and added a border that reminds me of one I'd use on a quilt.  Plus, who doesn't like binding?

Now, because I've been stalking my partner, I've gotten to read a bit about her two beautiful children, and I couldn't let her little helpers go without their own aprons too.


Her little lady is a bit older than my model, but I hope that she feels special in her apron that is made to coordinate with her Mommy's.


I got to go a bit more girly with this apron by adding a frilly edge to the umbrella fabric that matches the main fabric on the Mommy apron.  As you can see from above, it also ties in the front so that her little girl can tie and untie it more easily by herself.


She also has a little man that I just couldn't leave out either.  So he got a manly cars apron.  I didn't think that  he'd want to match the ladies ;)  

I also created another little extra that I'll be posting (with a pattern) soon for everyone to enjoy.  For now, I hope that you like my aprons, and feel free to visit my apron pinterest board for more apron inspiration.  

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  1. I loved your Asian-inspired apron when I first saw it Karen, and those matching little people aprons are just brilliant!


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