Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Sketch of the Month

I know that I'm running a little behind with my sketch, but it's still May isn't it :)  

I hope that all of my American friends and followers had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  We had a fun filled, albeit wet, family weekend in France and Belgium visiting WWI memorial sites.  It is often hard being so far away from friends and family here in Europe, but we are so fortunate to be able to visit many incredible cities and sites.

My May sketch was inspired by my sweet little daughter, the watermelon jelly that I just finished canning, and memories of eating the first watermelons of the year during our neighborhood's Memorial Day BBQ.


I have really been enjoying my exploration into this more illustrative drawing style.  I've found it very freeing and it has really helped me develop my ability to draw without a model or reference.  I'm also getting more confident with my Bamboo tablet.  This drawing was sketched by hand in pencil, and then scanned and colored on the computer with PSE.  

Now I need to sew something with a watermelon theme just to round this month out :)  Maybe a coffee cup sleeve?  Any ideas on a quick useful watermelon themed sewing project?

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  1. Lovely sketch Karen I was wondering if I had missed this month's so delighted to discover that I hadn't.

    Have seen a lovely watermelon slice placemat on Cat Patches blog that might be just the thing for you.


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