Thursday, October 30, 2014

1248 Triangle Top update

I've been wanting to post these updated photos of my 1248 triangle quilt all week, but it's been hard to get any good pictures while we are in the process of moving.  This queen sized quilt is all done and ready to be quilted as a Christmas gift for my sister and her husband!  It doesn't hurt that this year late November is their 2nd wedding anniversary, which is the cotton anniversary!


I don't think that these photos really do the colors on this quilt justice (I hope to get some better one's post quilting), but I do hope that they show the cool design.


I love how the skinny solid border stripe separates the one block wonder blocks from the original fabric.  It really shows how the technique can change the pattern.  


I really can't pick any favorite hexagons because I like too many of them!  Although, I do like the ones that form swirls and stars a lot.


I think that I might have to make another one of these now because this one was so fun to do!


I also love how easy the pattern came together.  The book talked about laying the hexagons up on a design wall and tweaking them over the course of a few days or weeks to get a pleasing pattern, but really, I don't have that kind of time.  I took a much more serendipitous approach to the design process and laid them out on the floor and took an hour to re-arrange while the kids were in bed.  It came together pretty fast compared to how hard I thought it would be, and I love how it flows.  

I can't wait to get this quilted.  One more item checked off my Christmas to do list!!!  


  1. You have made amazing progress in a short time. Have you seen the quilts of Bruce Seeds?
    Bruce works with the same one block as this, creating a great variety of effects.

  2. This is lovely!! A one-block-wonder is on my list - I've even purchased fabric, but can't seem to find the time yet to dedicate to it. Someday.... :-) I really like how you added a border of your original fabric (which is quite pretty - what is it?)
    I hope your move goes smoothly!
    ~ Tracy

  3. Spectacular is right - WOW that's a gorgeous quilt! Lucky sister and BIL!

  4. This is stunning. Great way to use that gorgeous fabric :)


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