Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Sketch

This week has been filled with many different projects, but nothing is at a point where it's shareable.  Plus, I've been busy with lots of school stuff too.  So, I wanted to share a sketch that I did for my parents and in-laws for Valentines day.  Yep, it's a bit late for Valentines, but hey, I'll take flowers and a card from my little guy any day of the year. :) I had to sketch this portrait quickly because my little son was done posing for me after about 30 seconds.  I think that I caught his look pretty accurately.


I recently got a new Wacom bamboo tablet to help make coloring my sketches with Photoshop a whole lot easier.  I love to draw and sketch, and coloring them on the computer gives me the option to easily change up a sketch for different uses.  And yes, I've started to add water marks to any art that I post online.  I've just had too many problems with people who think that my drawings are freebies that they can use in any way they want.  It's frustrating, but I think that artists need to protect their work.

I'm thinking about starting to share more sketches of the kids in the future.  Maybe one each month.  I do love monthly themes.  What should March be?  Any ideas? 

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