Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Wreath

Yep, it's that time again. Time when I start to feel that our door needs a seasonal update and deserves a new wreath.  Since I absolutely hate our cheap looking faux wood apartment door, I always try accessorize it in the latest seasonal fashions. Plus, my neighbors are disappointed if I don't change the wreath out at the beginning of each month.  Last year at this time, I did a heart shaped crepe flower wreath. This valentines I wanted to do something a bit different. After surfing the web and racking my brain, I came up with a hugs and kisses inspired valentines door hanging.


When I'm designing anything new, I first visualize what I want and then try to figure out how I can make my idea into a reality using easily available supplies.  I like to try to use what I have on hand as much as possible.  I really think that I end up with a more unique and creative item by changing my design to fit my supplies rather than running all over town trying to find supplies to fit my design.  For this wall hanging, I bought the wood letters at my local craft store, but all the other materials were from my stash of yarn and crafty stuff.

I also do a lot of trial and error.  I originally wanted to do the "O" in red yarn, which looked good on the craft table, but it really clashed with the cherry colored door so I had to change it to white.  Then for the arrow, I thought about using a wooden dowel rod for the shaft, but it was too bulky.  I ended up wrapping some wire around a pencil to form the arrow shaft and accented the arrow head with a bit of valentine's garland for some extra bling.  Add a little ribbon to tie the letters together and hang them, and voila, a sweet hugs and kisses wreath just in time for Valentine's.         

Does anyone else like to decorate their doors seasonally?  I'd love to know what you are doing for February.

1 comment:

  1. What a great take on Valentine's for your wreath, and economical too!

    With lashing rain and wind no wreath is safe on our door at the minute :)


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