Thursday, February 14, 2013

Melted Crayon Fish Valentines Cards

Do you like our armada. :)


They go with the great little Valentine's cards that the kids and I made-up this year.  There's just something so sweet about little kids exchanging Valentine's.  While I'm in no way opposed to buying the latest in premade Valentine's cards, it's always fun, when we have time, to make them ourselves.  


This year I found the most wonderful little Valentines printables on the I Heart Nap Time blog.  Aren't they just super cute!  If you need some quick Valentines for the kids, go here to find the original blog post and download the printables.


In the original example posted on the I Heart Nap Time Blog, they used swedish fish candy or fishy crackers for the fish.  


Since I didn't want to do candy or food this year, we made melted crayon fish using a fish ice try from Ikea as our mold.  As you can see, once you use the mold for melting crayons it's ruined for anything else but crafts and shouldn't be used for food or ice. 


The kids loved cutting up the crayons and choosing the colors for each fish, then we just stuck them in the oven at 250*F for 15 minutes and voila, brand spanking new multicolored fish crayons.  As fun as it was, I don't ever think that I'll do this project again using the fish molds.  The tails kept braking off when I took them out.  I actually found  that if I popped them back in the oven for 1 minute after they had completely cooled down in the fridge, they loosened-up and came out much easier.

Again, thanks Jamielyn from I heart nap time for the great printables.  :)  Anyone else find DIY Valentine's card inspiration online?


  1. What a lovely idea Karen, bet their classmates were thrilled with them


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